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Our First Project To Start The Show!

More and more I am becoming fascinated with different types of furniture design. If I had to nail myself down to a particular style I think I would have to go with Arts & Crafts. Granted this is a very broad statement as it encompasses a variety of unique designers and builders (think of Arts & Crafts like ice cream; there are LOTS of different kinds), but none the less, in my opinion it describes some of the 'best flavors' of design that I have ever come across.. Continue Reading Here...

This Is A New Show!

I am sure right about now a few of you are thinking, "Really, ANOTHER podcast about woodworking? I thought woodworking was dead?"

Well, whoever Woodworking is, I am quite sure he (or she) is doing quite well. In fact, they are as alive today as they ever were! Continue Reading Here..

So, What’s The Deal?

From The Woodshop is going to be my personal outlet for highlighting various types of woodworking projects. Furniture builds, items for the home as well as the shop, and the occasional item or two that will be geared towards children (toys, play sets, etc). .

For each project, I'll be going into detail on the design aspects, lumber selection and following through construction into finishing techniques. Some items will be quite elaborate, others simple with the goal of being able to go from start to finish in a few days. Either way, it will all be put together in HD video for your enjoyment!

There are some designs that I've always wanted to do, some ideas that I've wanted to develop, and this show is going to be my justification for actually pursuing these interests! (Plus there are some things that I need to build for my house, and this is just as good of an excuse as any to actually do them :-)

Woodworking is my therapy... It's good for the soul...

Some Recent Simple Projects

A couple of quick things I did for my Daughter's 2nd Birthday. A small bookcase and a play kitchen remodeled from a garage sale cabinet..

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